Video Widget is my first tiny WordPress plugin. Please, be gentle with me. :)



This plugin allow to add one or more video in the sidebar. It is based on :

Only video ID is required, no HTML code.

  • Requires at least: 2.5
  • Tested up to: 2.6.3

What’s new

  • 1.2.3 (2008-12-20)
    • Youtube Related Videos are now hidden on player mouseover,
    • SchoolTube videos support. And Merry Christmas :) .
  • 1.2.2 (2008-11-12)
    • Some fixes (block panel, html link, flv IE support)
    • Mtv Music & Espn support
    • Video list alphabetic order
  • 1.2.1 (2008-09-23)
    • Debug Random video for Http formats : flv, windowsmedia, quicktime.
  • 1.2 (2008-07-12)
    • Random video from your selected list. Great, i know. ;)
  • 1.1.3 (2008-05-05)
    • FLV video support.
  • 1.1.2 (2008-04-11)
    • Taratata video support (« Allez voir les artistes en live. C’est que du bonheur !! »).
  • 1.1.1 (2008-04-10)
    • Flickr, Clipfish, Viddler, Gametrailers, Snotr support.
  • 1.1 (2008-04-08)
    • Vimeo support.
    • Text to add before and after video.
  • 1.0 (2008-03-31)
    • First version.


  • Navigation for Multiple Video (Ajax, Slideshow…).
  • A Better display for the bloc in Administration Panel.
  • Image preview for flv Video.


Supported video formats

The Video Widget plugin support the following formats :

  1. Youtube
  2. Dailymotion
  3. Google Video
  4. FLV
  5. Vimeo
  6. Filckr
  7. Metacafe
  8. LiveLeak
  9. Revver
  10. iFilm
  11. MySpace
  12. Blip.tv
  13. CollegeHumor
  14. VideoJug
  15. GodTube
  16. Veoh
  17. Break
  18. Movieweb
  19. Jaycut
  20. Myvideo
  21. Clipfish
  22. Viddler
  23. Gametrailers
  24. Snotr
  25. Taratata
  26. Espn
  27. Mtv Music
  28. Quicktime
  29. Windows media player
  30. SchoolTube

Help/Examples – Get the video ID

Thanks to Video Embedder for this documentation.
Copy the red part (on your video url) and paste it in your Video Widget Id field.

Youtube help


Dailymotion help


Google Video help


FLV help


Vimeo help


Flickr help


Metacafe help


Liveleak help


Revver help


IFILM help


Myspace help


Blip.tv help


CollegeHumor help


Videojug help

<object classid= »clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000″ codebase= »http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/…
swflash.cab#version=7,0,0,0″ width= »400″ height= »345″ align= »middle »><param name= »movie » value= »http://www.videojug.com/film/player?id=3ff6e533-5eaf-4ff8-540e-02334f7ac808 » /><embed src (…)

Godtube help


Veoh help


Break help

<object width= »464″ height= »392″><param name= »movie » value= »http://embed.break.com/NDExNjU2« ></para…

Movieweb help


Jaycut help


Myvideo help


Clipfish help


Viddler help

<object classid= »clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000″ width= »437″ height= »370″ id= »viddler_chieftwit_12″><param name= »movie » value= »http://www.viddler.com/player/79cb0e9a/ » />…</object>

Gametrailers help


Snotr help


Taratata help


Espn help


Mtv Music help


Quicktime help


Windows Media Player help


SchoolTube help

<object width= »450″ height= »375″><param name= »movie » value= »http://www.schooltube.com/v/2f72fb0d2bce4f129760 » /><param … </object>

Random video from list

Since the 1.2 version, you can configure a list of video, and display random one. The backoffice field to complete is « ID list (for random display)« .

The semantic to respect :


IMPORTANT: You have to write one colon (:) between video parameters and one semicolon (;) between lines.

The list of video type you can use :

youtube, dailymotion, google, flv, vimeo, flickr, metacafe, liveleak, revver, ifilm, myspace, bliptv, collegehumor, videojug, godtube, veoh, break, movieweb, jaycut, myvideo, clipfish, viddler, gametrailers, snotr, taratata, quicktime, windowsmedia

Exemple1 : 2 videos (Youtube and Dailymotion), no text around the video


Exemple2 : 2 videos (Youtube and Dailymotion), with text after and before video (not required in fact)


Exemple3 :  with ALL possible formats

  • Youtube : youtube:zORv8wwiad
  • Dailymotion : dailymotion:xoh8j
  • Google Video : google:6063985264803214006
  • Flv : flv:http://media1.koreus.com/00064/200804/nicholas-white-41-heures-ascenseur.flv
  • Vimeo : vimeo:870172
  • Flickr : flickr:2402193657
  • Metacafe : metacafe:975366/secrets_of_google_earth
  • LiveLeak : liveleak:d62_1594640234
  • Revver : revver:527514
  • iFilm : ifilm:3521648
  • MySpace : myspace:56884863
  • Blip.tv : bliptv:254683
  • CollegeHumor : collegehumor:3567863
  • VideoJug : videojug:3ff6e533-5eaf-4ff8-540e-02334f7ac808
  • GodTube : godtube:83abb6308b8842ca6f1
  • Veoh : veoh:v1683095mYFrF3X
  • Break : break:NDExNjU2
  • Movieweb : movieweb:V07L3flnvxMUWY
  • Jaycut : jaycut:2493
  • Myvideo : myvideo:3033737
  • Clipfish : clipfish:OTU2NTk5fDE5NTA1NTM
  • Viddler : viddler:79cb0e9a
  • Gametrailers : gametrailers:32607
  • Snotr : snotr:1056
  • Taratata : taratata:iLyROoaft-vg
  • Quicktime : quicktime:http://www.yoursite.com/path/file.mov
  • Windows media player : windowsmedia:http://www.yoursite.com/path/file.wmv
  • SchoolTube : schooltube:2f72fb0d2bce4f129760


  1. Download and unzip the Video Widget file,
  2. Upload the ‘video-widget’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ folder
  3. In the ‘Plugin’ section, active the plugin,
  4. Use the plugin, in the ‘Widgets’ section.

Download Video Widget Plugin

Have fun! :)

177 commentaires pour “Video Widget”

  1. lionel dit:

    A la différence de la vidéo dailymotion, pourquoi quand on clique sur la vidéo Youtube on se retrouve projeté sur leur site alors qu’il serait mieux de la visonner en widget comme dalilymotion…

  2. nikohk dit:


    Au chargement de la page, tu dois voir un bouton virtuel au centre de ces 2 lecteurs (Dailymotion et Youtube) : le bouton “Lecture” qui est en forme de triangle. Si tu le loupes cela ouvrir une page, mais si tu cliques dessus cela va démarrer la vidéo.

    Une fois les vidéos lancées, l’action de cliquer au centre du lecteur va ouvrir la page de la vidéo. Ce comportement est normal.

    Par contre l’action de cliquer sur le bouton pause (en bas du lecteur), va mettre la vidéo sur pause. Et c’est à ce moment là que tu auras une VRAIE différence entre Dailymotion et Youtube. En effet, le premier affichera le bouton virtuel Pause au centre, alors que le second non, rien, nada. Youtube est un radin que veux tu. L’action de cliquer à nouveau au centre du lecteur Dailymotion va relancer la vidéo, contrairement au widget Youtube qui lui va ouvrir la page Youtube.

    Bref tout cela pour dire, que je ne peux rien y faire. Tout cela est normal. Ayez confiance… :p

  3. Steve dit:

    What about http://www.vimeo.com support? Their quality is great and a lot of folks are using it.
    Thanks for a cool plugin.

  4. nikohk dit:

    Steve> Sure, why not. I take a look of that very soon (tonight probably). Stay tuned for a new version… :)

    And you are welcome.

  5. nikohk dit:

    Steve >> It’s done for Vimeo support. See my sidebar. Madonna rocks. ;)
    Soon flickr …

  6. Bernd Korz dit:

    I tried to add clipfish.de to the script.

    Thats what i added (after MyVideo!):

    case ‘clipfish’:
    $content = widget_video_buildEmbed(‘http://www.clipfish.de/player.php?videoid=’.$id.’=', $width, $height);

    Later in the code i added also to the list:

    If you run a video in Clipfish it have this URL:

    When you want embedd it you have that code:

    It does not work for me :( I get an empty space where the video should be. Do you have a suggestion?

    Thx a lot,

  7. nikohk dit:

    Hi Bernd,

    The only one suggestion that i can give is to ask any evolutions you need, but not debugging your code. Thx. :)

    I will update (if it is possible) the script with clipfish.

    Stay tuned. ;)

  8. nikohk dit:

    >> Bernd

    I just add and test the clipfish support on my local server.It works and will be available tomorrow morning. Certainly with other new supports.


  9. Bernd Korz dit:

    well, you are amazing :)

  10. Bernd Korz dit:

    I tested it, works great!

    Thx a lot for that cool tool

  11. nikohk dit:

    You are welcome. :)

  12. chandru dit:

    How to add « more videos » page link in sidebar? Can you please help me to add link to this widget

  13. nikohk dit:

    Hi first.

    You can write regular html code in the text before/after video field. Then you can add link code.


  14. Pensée Libre » Vidéos visibles depuis la Chine dit:

    [...] les modules (widgets) de la barre de côté je n’ai pas encore résolu le problème car les vidéos [...]

  15. francesco dit:

    Is it possibile to add more video on the same widget so I can show to my visitor a random videos every time they refresh or return on my blog?


  16. nikohk dit:

    francesco >> Hello. I prefer keep the actual system. One video per widget. Because, if we want do some random stuff, we must find a full dynamic process to add and retire videos from the widget. Too complicate (for the moment). :)

  17. Jordi dit:

    It’s great, but any idea how to ad a random list utility?

  18. nikohk dit:

    Hi Jordy.
    First take a look on the Daiko’s Video Widget.
    Maybe soon in video widget plugin… :)

  19. Annie dit:

    l’essai fut gagnant.
    J’ai donc mis l’adresse de la video sur mon site que je retrouve par filezilla donc ton exemple je comprends pas bien l’adresse http://media1.koreus.com/00064/200804/ que tu proposes ?

  20. nikohk dit:

    Annie> C’est une adresse exemple qui indique le chemin absolu du fichier FLV (adresse du site + chemin de la vidéo FLV).

  21. baron dit:

    hi. Thanks for plugin


    best regards

  22. chibatop dit:

    Mille mercis!Ca fonctionne très bien,et l’exemple des codes ID en rouge est fabuleux pour mon « p’tit cerveau ».

  23. nikohk dit:

    baron > you are welcome. :)
    chibatop > mille de rien. C’est vrai que l’aide pour les ID est bien pratique au début.

  24. patkban dit:

    Hi Nikohn

    J’ai trois problèmes :

    - Comment faire pour agrandir les dimensions du player ?

    - Quand je copie cette adresse (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3zkyf_anne-roumanoff-sarkozy-carla-on-ne_fun), tout s’efface sur mon site. Que faire ?

    - Est-il possible de placer « autres video » (par exemples 5) avec des liens de manière à ce que les internautes puissent visionner plusieurs sujets ?

    Merci pour tes réponses.

  25. nikohk dit:

    patkban> Bonjour,

    3 problèmes -> 3 réponses :)

    - Comment faire pour agrandir les dimensions du player ?

    Réponse : Dans la configuration de votre Widget Video, il faut renseigner les champs Width (largeur) et Height (hauteur). En pixels bien entendu.

    - Quand je copie cette adresse (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3zkyf_anne-roumanoff-sarkozy-carla-on-ne_fun), tout s’efface sur mon site. Que faire ?

    Réponse : Il ne faut pas copier l’adresse complète de la page de votre vidéo, mais l’identifiant de cette vidéo (voir les instructions plus haut en rouge). A chaque site de vidéos, un ID différent.

    - Est-il possible de placer “autres video” (par exemples 5) avec des liens de manière à ce que les internautes puissent visionner plusieurs sujets ?

    Réponse : Il est possible d’ajouter autant de vidéos que vous voulez (voir ma colonne de droite). Pour les liens, vous avez les champs « Text before video » et « Text after video » disponible dans votre Widget Video. Libre à vous d’y insérer du texte, du code html (et donc des liens).

    En espérant vous avoir aidé.


  26. patkban dit:

    Hi Nikohn,

    Merci pour ces réponses ultra rapides.

    - Pour l’ID, j’ai compris et ça fonctionne.

    - Pour agrandir le player, ça ne fonctionne pas encore : même en changeant les valeurs W et H, il conserve la même dimension…

    - Pour les autres VDO, je souhaite que les internautes puisent cliquer sur les liens qui lancent les images dans le player situé dans la sidebar. Je ne souhaite pas plusieurs players.

    Merci pour votre aide.

  27. nikohk dit:


    Concernant les dimensions, je ne peux pas vous aider plus. « A l’aveugle » c’est juste impossible. Assurez tout de même de bien avoir fait les modifications. Vérifier le code HTML sur votre site. Tester avec plusieurs types de vidéo… Toutes ces vidéos sont gérées de la même façon, disposent du même code HTML, et doivent donc fonctionner de la même manière.

    Pour le reste, je pense que vos besoins sont trop spécifiques pour le Widget Video. Il ne fait qu’afficher une ou plusieurs vidéos. Il le fait bien, mais il ne fait et ne fera pas plus que cela.

    nikohk. :)

  28. patkban dit:

    ça y est, j’ai réussi à mettre le player à la dimension de la sidebar du thème Futurosity Eos 0.5. C’est génial !

    Existe-t-il une autre manière de présenter une sélection de VDO ?

    Sinon, comment mettre deux players, l’un sous l’autre, comme dans votre sidebar ?


  29. Chris dit:

    I LOVE this widget. I think it could be one of the best ever created. THANK YOU! I only have one small problem. :-) Is there a way to center the clip and text? It’s on my sidebar and it would look nicer if it was centered. Other than that, I am thrilled with it!

  30. nikohk dit:

    - présentation d’une sélection de vidéo ?
    — Cela sort du cadre de ce widget. Encore une fois, un widget affiche une vidéo. Pas plus. :)

    - plusieurs widgets ?
    — Oui, il suffit d’ajouter plusieurs fois le widget en question dans la barre latéral.

    Thank’s a lot for your message. It is so good for my ego. :p
    To center the video and associated text, you can check the css classes used in HTML code (widget_video, widgettitle, video_widget_before_video, video_widget_after_video), and then modify your css theme. Have fun. :)

  31. patkban dit:

    Bonsoir Nikohk

    Comme vous avez pu le constater, je débute… En tout cas merci pour votre précieuse aide.

    Je viens d’installer un deuxième widget et j’ai effectivement 2 players qui apparaissent dans ma sidebar. Super !

    Connaissez-vous un widget qui me permette d’installer un player audio ?


  32. nikohk dit:

    De rien. On a tous débuté sur WP. C’est donc normal de s’entre aider.

    Pour ce qui concerne les autres widgets et plugins, je vous conseille ces quelques liens :

    Bonne recherche. :)

  33. Frank dit:

    I was wondering about another video site. chessvideos.tv possible support here?

  34. nikohk dit:

    Hi coach Frank,

    chessvideo.tv use a basic flv player. Then just choose the flv format, copy (from chessvideo.tv html code) and paste the flv video adress (for exemple in homepage : http://www.chessvideos.tv/player/v/1c5775c1f72a4904d7a1e7bb9bb9dfc1.flv ) in your wordpress video widget panel.


  35. bill gates dit:

    je te remercie pojr cette image ;)

  36. ???? » ??????? ??????? » ????? ??????? dit:

    [...] http://www.nikohk.com/plugin-wordpress-video-widget/ [...]

  37. Lovely Angel dit:

    Awsome….it was easy to configure…….great to use…

  38. nikohk dit:

    Thanks Lovely Angel. :)

  39. Leonaut.com dit:

    Video Widget…

    This plugin allow to add one or more video in the sidebar. Add more than 25 types of video in your sidebar. Only video Id is required (no HTML code to paste)….

  40. Bülent Güne? dit:

    very nice plugin..thanks bro..

    in use my site footer

  41. Muk dit:

    Nice plugin dude, maybe you also make some sort of archive/page where the plugin write old video’s. Some sort of link list.

  42. Philix dit:

    This is a great plug in :)

  43. Keke dit:

    bonjours, j’ai cherché, et essayé plusieurs chose mais j’ai pas trouvé, voila, j’ai des problemes pour faire en sorte que il y a plusieurs vidéops differente de dailumotion qui soit joué. J’ai essayé tout les codes, le plus probant que j’ai trouvé est:


    Mais le preobleme c’est que ca lit pas la deuxieme video ….

  44. Kalyan Verma dit:

    How do i set it to autoplay? Is there an Option?

  45. nikohk dit:

    Bülent Güne?, Philix> Thanks. :)

    Muk> Thanks. Not sure about the need. Just do it manually for now… :)

    Keke > Bonjour. N’oubliez pas le point virgule entre chaques lignes :

    Kalyan Verma > No autoplay in this plugin. Sorry. :(

  46. Keke dit:

    Merci beaucoup, je vous dois une fiere chandelle, continuez sur votre lancé de plugin vraiment intéressant.

    Bonne continuation

  47. Flavia dit:

    Thanks! Your plugin is lovely! :)

  48. ichitaka dit:

    plz update your plugin. the little gametrailers player sucks :(

  49. nikohk dit:

    I need more informations. Thx.

  50. mario dit:

    muy bueno el Video Widget
    pero al colocar varios meia player
    por ejemplo


    no me permite..

  51. MovieFan dit:

    Great plug-in. Is adding support for the videos from expertvillage.com possible? Thanks.

  52. Nex dit:

    Hey… nice plugin, good job!. Hey, i want to know, how i can put this plugins but by code, i mean, i don’t use the widget, there is a way to do that?… thanks!.

  53. Nate dit:

    I use Hulu a lot as a source for great videos, can you add support for it?

    Thanks, awesome job by the way.

  54. nikohk dit:

    MovieFan, Nate > I will update the plugin very soon. :)

    Nex > What about the Embedder Video Plugin?

    Mario > Hum. Not possible for the moment with this type of video. I will insert the hack in the next version too. Stay tuned.


  55. Bruno de Florence dit:

    Géant le plugin. Support pour un fichier xml avec liste des vidéos pour une future version, peut etre?

  56. Bruno de Florence dit:

    Bon, ça a l’air de foirer un peu pour les FLV, ou bien cé moi ki comprends rien.

    Dans la boite Multiple Videos:
    le titre du widget s’affiche, mais rien d’autre.

    Dans la boite Single Video
    Source > Flv
    Id > http://www.deflorence.com/videos/nomi.flv
    là ça marche


  57. nikohk dit:

    Bruno > Bonjour. Merci pour l’intérêt.

    En effet, comme pour mario, les url entières (quicktime, windows média, flv), en comparaison aux ID, posent problème dans la gestion multivideo. La faute à ces deux points de $%#@ que je n’avais pas pris en compte. Je vais donc arranger ça dans une prochaine version. Certainement aujourd’hui, histoire de faire plaisir à mes internautes préférés. :)


  58. nikohk dit:

    Et pour être complet, ce n’est pas juste l’url de la vidéo qu’il faut mettre dans le champs multi video, mais une sémantique particulière (voir doc) :


    Pour faire simple dans votre cas, ça donnerait un truc dans le genre :

    Là on voit bien le soucis avec les deux points.

    Réglé dans la journée, avec amélioration de la documentation….

  59. nikohk dit:

    Le plugin a été mis à jour (1.2.1), ainsi que la documentation de cette page (partie « Random video from list »). N’hésitez pas à poser des questions…

    Par contre je ne gère pas de nouveaux formats… pour le moment.

  60. baron dit:

    hi. Thanks for plugin



  61. Mike dit:

    Tres bon plugin, si ce n’est que le support des videos au format FLV ne passe pas sous IE7. J’ai cru tout d’abord que c’etait du a un conflit avec d’autres plugins, mais je viens de faire l’essai avec une installation toute neuve de wordpress, en ajoutant uniquement video widget, et ca ne marche toujours pas.

    Why why whyyy ?

  62. nikohk dit:

    Mike > Merci pour votre retour complet.
    Je vais regarder ça de près. :)

  63. Lance dit:

    Great plugin. Just dropped by to leave a tip. If you’re going to include html in the descriptions make sure you use single quotes  » instead of double quotes «  » in your tags ie:

    otherwise you’ll have problems. But yes, like I said this is a great plugin. :)

  64. Dug dit:

    Salut et merci pour le plugin :-)

    J’ai besoin d’importer les commentaires sur mon clip Viddler. L’ideal serait d’importer toute la serie de questions reponse pour pouvoir les montrer sous la video sur la page WP.

    Tout indice ou direction vers un plugin apprecié!

  65. Rob dit:

    Wonderful plugin, merveilleux.

    BUT, I have been hitting the wall trying to insert un lien hypertexte banal dans la liste aléatoire. Peut-être vous pouvez voir ce que veux dire je.

    youtube:GHxPwz95IPo:Titre de la chose:Lien à la chose;

    Something to do with the « : » between « http » and « // » ?

  66. Rob dit:

    Je vois la solution, je pense.

  67. Rob dit:

    Okay, yes, the single quotes solve the html maladies in the fields, but not in the random video lists. Thanks.

  68. Don Tonio dit:

    Félicitations pour votre widget, géant !

  69. andy dit:

    Is there a way to add an image preview to a self-hosted.flv ?? If so, what would the code be?

    Thanks and great plugin!

  70. Shane dit:

    Is there any way I can show the first frame of the movie instead of the blank screen?
    Lovely plugin though… thank you.

  71. Eduardo Maçan dit:

    It would be great to have some dynamic html so that you keep the videos changing from time to time, until someone clicks on one of them. Some kind of « slideshow » mode.

  72. frank dit:

    Any chance for ESPN video support to be added?

  73. nikohk dit:

    Thanks for all your comments and support.
    I will fix the bugs and add (if possible) the videos. Certainly this week-end.


  74. Daniel dit:


    Bravo pour un widget épatant. J’aimerais savoir comment ajouter une deuxieme instance de votre fabuleux plugin. Peut-etre meme, si c’est possible, plusieurs instances.

    Sagit-il tout simplement de renommer toutes les variables « video-widget » (disons a « video-widget2″) dans votre fichier VIDEO.PHP ?

    Merci a l’avance

    Kingston, Ontario

  75. Daniel dit:


    C’est diurnophobia@yahoo.ca. Excusez l’erreur.

  76. Tal galili dit:

    your Widget is wonderful. I just used it for a new blog: http://www.danceinisrael.com
    and it works wonderfully!

    My only suggestion/request is to allow to navigate between the list of videos we present on the widget.

    (p.s: and I wish you had the plugin « subscribe to comments » installed on your site, so I could read a follow up)

    In any event – thank you vary much!


  77. Tal galili dit:

    wow- a second bug:
    when I add text after the video, with a link (<a href= »LINK ».. so one)

    The link is wrongly created to be:
    instead of the LINK.

    Any ideas how to fix it ?

  78. Chad dit:

    I have an issue with the video widget. (thank you for the plugin by the way).


    Why is it showing the code like that? If you click the post link, it shows the video fine otherwise.

    Please help. Thanks.

    Using WP 2.6.3 and Video Widget 1.2.1

  79. area02 dit:

    I’m also interested in adding a preview image to a self-hosted .flv file. If you add that functionality then it would probably be the greatest plugin ever. Thanks and good work!

  80. Emrulez dit:

    Hi nice widget but I have a problem when I try to play flv files i cant press the play button it wont play no matter what I do!

  81. nikohk dit:

    Thanks for all your comments and support.
    A lot of thinks to debug or develop. I start right now. Stay tuned.


  82. Heywood dit:

    I must say I really like this plugin, it’s simple yet comprehensive.

    I have a suggestion or 2 to make. At the top we have the large area to put multiple videos & below the are for just 1. How about a box to check where we signify which one we choose? I ask this because i have run into a quirky problem at times. Every time you add the plugin it always has your defaults (the youtube & dailymotion vids) I have found sometimes when I remove them & enter at the bottom the solo vid I want to display, after saving changes & page refresh nothing appears. I then have to clear the lower half & enter the info into the upper multiple vid box. I think having an either/or selection may prevent this.

    Also, if you post in flv or qt format upon initial page load you will see the first frame of your video (this doesn’t happen with .wmv)however flv will end up at a black screen & qt a white. Is it possible for the vid to recycle? so that after playing it recycles to the beginning with the 1st frame displayed ready to be replayed again ?

  83. Newbie...how to do this? - DIY Themes Forums dit:

    [...] WordPress plugins I’m using: Flickr Thumbnail Photostream WordPress plugin | Community Site News Video Widget | nikohk PHP

  84. nikohk dit:

    I read and take care about all your messages. Thanks again. Then i worked a little bit and update the plugin (1.2.2 version).

    What’s new :

    • Some fixes (block panel, html link generation in text before and text after, flv IE support)
    • Mtv Music & Espn support
    • Video list alphabetic order in panel
    • Quicktime tests : all is ok (Windows, Mac, FFX, IE, …)

    What to do now :

    • Navigation for Multiple Video (Ajax, Slideshow…)
    • A Better display for the bloc in Administration Panel
    • Image preview for flv Video. I wait for a new version of the flv player


    ps: i added the subscribe to comment plugin, then you could read a follow up. :)

  85. spoot dit:

    Hi. Just found your plugin. Had been using phpwidget in the sidebar, but this is a much nicer solution. how about inclusion of truveo in the future?

    thanks so much for the plugin

  86. nikohk dit:

    Mike > Flv & IE7. Normalement ça devrait être bon.

    Lance > Html link in description. Done. :)

    Dug > Je ne sas pas. Désolé.

    Rob > Liens dans la description. Reglé.

    andy > Flv & Image preview. In a next version. In fact it depends of flvplayer file.

    Shane > Quicktime, Wmv, … ? For me, its ok. Example : http://www.nikohk.com/demo/wp26/

    Eduardo Maçan > slideshow, in a next version.

    frank > Epsn, done. :)

    Daniel > 2 instances du bloc. Normalement cela fonctionne depuis le début. Exemple : http://www.nikohk.com/demo/wp26/

    Tal galili > navigation, slideshow, in a next version. Thanks for the advise about subscribe plugin. Html link in description is ok now. :)

    Chad > Try with a existing format of this plugin.

    area02 > Flv & Image preview. In a next version. In fact it depends of flvplayer file.

    Emrulez > Certainly a IE – flv bug. Normally it’s ok now.

    Heywood > You are totally right. I delete the default data in this version. In a next version i will insert a select menu to hide/display the right fields. And About the field player (flv, qt, wmv), i use the default ones.

    spoot> Thanks. truveo support in next update. :)

  87. amin hidayat dit:

    i cant show the you tube more than one in my sidebar, can you help me?

  88. nikohk dit:

    amin > Like the text widget, you can add more than just one video widget. one widget = one video. two widgets = two videos… its ok?

  89. Emrulez dit:

    Hi nice update flv is working in IE again!

    looking forward for the new upcoming features.

    P.S: this flv player is better i think http://www.thetechlabs.com/video/expanding-the-as3-videoplayer/ what do you think?


  90. nikohk dit:

    emrulez> thanks.
    About « your » flv player :
    - its great, good article, i like the player
    - i’m not sure about the licence
    - too much information in toolbar for a widget
    - but why not giving the choice of the flv player (in widget configuration)
    - wait and see…


  91. Emrulez dit:

    Cant Wait then ;)

  92. Ega dit:

    I installed the plugin and activated the widget with IE, Chrome and Safari the video player works fine but not with Firefox ver3.0.4. Any idea of what the problem is?

  93. nikohk dit:

    Ega> Hi. I just do a test on this version (MAC OS and Windows). It works fine for me.
    What System (Windows? MAC OS?) ?
    What video type (flv, mov, Youtube…) ?
    Is Javascrit activated on your Firefox ?
    Can i have a link to chek the code and the result?


  94. Steve dit:

    My theme has a « featured video » set in the admin control. However, I would like to be able to pick a different video for each page of the site. Is that possible with this plugin? It looks very nice, but I need to be able to have it set « this page = this video. » Any ideas?

  95. nikohk dit:

    Steve > Hi.

    Can you explain : A “featured video” set in the admin control ?
    Whatever, it’s really an interesting need. But just not possible for the moment.

  96. Christine dit:

    Hello! Thank you for the plug-in! Unfortunately, it won’t work for me. It keeps saying « video not found, » but the video is certainly there. Any ideas??

    Thank you again!

  97. nikohk dit:

    Christine> Hi. Can you check and paste your configuration here (single, Multi video…) ?
    Because in you code, something is strange :


    flv: is to delete
    Normally, it must be :


  98. sam dit:


    First gr8 plugin! Really would like the FLV image issue done asap? Any idea when you will fix that?


  99. sam dit:

    Hi, regarding the FLV image problem…

    The new FLV player is available. Most of the other plugins just require you to have an image in same folder as FLV file with the same name, for it to pick up image and display it. For example,




    This works with JW player that you use in other plugins using the same player. I think you need to pass paramter of image in your code, for the image to be displayed.

    Hope this helps with the problem ….

  100. nikohk dit:

    sam > Hi. Nothing to fix. Just to wait a dynamic issue with jeroenwijering flv player.

  101. sam dit:

    Hi Nikohk,

    As a fix for the FLV image problem for now, I’ve done the following which works (like the other plug-ins do automatically):

    After line 69 in videos.php add the following —

    case ‘flv’:
    $flvimage = str_replace(« .flv », « .jpg », $id);
    $id = $id. »&image= ».$flvimage;

    This will expect a JPG image file to be in the same folder as the FLV file for this to work with the JW player.

    Hope this helps in the meatime!

  102. nikohk dit:

    sam> i’ll insert this function in next version (1-2 days)

  103. nikohk dit:

    sam> In fact, nothing to upgrade. :)
    To have a preview image in your flv player, just add this code after your flv id (in video widget configuration) :




    if the image is not in root path.

    And then, upload the image.jpg file on your server, at the right place (root or specific path).

    An example : http://www.nikohk.com/demo/wp26/

    More info about the player : http://www.jeroenwijering.com/?item=JW_FLV_Media_Player

    Have fun.

  104. Christine dit:

    Thanks for your response!

    I took out « flv, » I guess I misunderstood the directions, and now it works!!! Thank you so much!! :D

  105. stuart dit:

    Can you add this option for Youtube embedded videos:
    « &showsearch=0″

    This hides the SEARCH bar that youtube just added to all embeded vidoes. See article on lifehacker.

    Thanks for your help.

  106. stuart dit:

    To add to the last post. I was able to do this in the plugin myself by changing this line (ie adding .’@rel=0′)

    $content = wp_widget_video_buildEmbed(‘http://www.youtube.com/v/’.$id.’&rel=0′, $width, $height);


  107. Mina plugins till Wordpress | Bippo dit:

    [...] Video Widget [...]

  108. nikohk dit:

    stuart> Hi.
    I don’t see the search bar in my widget. Certainly, an US issue. In my next update, i will insert YOUR fix. Thanks a lot.


  109. David dit:

    Salut Niko

    Very useful widget. Thank you for developing it!

    I am looking forward to seeing a navigation function for the multiple video playlist option. I would like to be able to allow users to click a button/link to advance to the next randomly selected video from the playlist. From what I can see, that’s not available yet.

    So in the meantime I am resorting to a page refresh to get the next video to play. In the edit panel for the widget, I’m calling this text to appear after the video:

    Choose a video at random from the playlist.

    using the following syntax in the ‘ID list’ box, which I believe is correct as per your specifications:

    youtube:TG4B08N_Gt0:Interview with Ralph Nader – Part 1:Choose a video at random from the playlist.;

    (etc … I have 15 vids in the playlist at the moment)

    In Firefox 3.0.4 and Safari 3.2.1, this works fine and triggers a page refresh as expected, but in IE 7.0, clicking on the link text does not refresh the current blog page. Instead it takes me to the blog root (the home page).

    I don’t understand the reason for this different behavior in IE. I tried Lance’s suggestion above to use single quotes in place of double quotes (septembre 29th, 2008 at 3:46), like this

    Choose a video at random from the playlist.

    but still the problem persists in IE.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be very welcome.

    Merci beaucoup,


    The blog (http://www.breewalker.com, click the « About » page, for example, to see the sidebar with video widget at the top) is running on WordPress 2.5

    I’m testing on a PC running Win XP Pro SP3

  110. David dit:

    Hi Niko, just a quick follow-up to say that I can’t get the HTML code in my post to display as I want it to. I tried to use and tags but no joy.

    Thanks again -


  111. David dit:

    Can’t get the ‘pre’ and ‘code’ tags to work. Sorry.

  112. David dit:

    Apologies for the multiple comments here, but without the exact code, my original comment doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Here’s a link to my original comment, as I wanted it to appear in the first place.


  113. nikohk dit:

    Hi David
    As you can see in my todo list (at the top of this page and in the WordPress codex plugin page), the navigation for Multiple Video (Ajax, Slideshow…) is « in my mind ».

    For your refresh page problem, and if the video widget is just located in the About Page, try this :

    youtube:TG4B08N_Gt0:Interview with Ralph Nader - Part 1:<a href="http://www.breewalker.com/?page_id=2">Choose a video at random from the playlist.</a>


  114. David dit:

    Hi Niko

    Unfortunately it’s not so easy – I want the widget to display in all instances of the sidebar, throughout the site. Thanks for the reply though!

    I wonder if anyone else out there has a similar problem?

  115. nikohk dit:

    david > life is simple.
    with HTML code, you can not get the current link. Then why not using Javascript :

    youtube:TG4B08N_Gt0:Interview with Ralph Nader - Part 1:<a href="javascript:location.reload(true)">Choose a video at random from the playlist.</a>


  116. Drew dit:

    Hello nikohk,
    Great plugin. It will be perfect once you get the navigation of Multiple Videos working. Keep it up!


  117. David dit:

    Hi Niko

    Thanks for the Javascript tip. Your code didn’t give me the desired result for some reason, but after some experimentation I found the method explained on this page works satisfactorily:


    So rather than use the href method, I’m calling a button instead, using the first sample line of code on the Media College page. Ça marche! Now the page reloads properly in IE, Safari, and Firefox alike.

    Thanks again for all the help.

  118. Drew dit:

    May I suggest some UI improvements? Move the config page away from the widget panel and make it it’s own settings page. The current method is way too small if you want to enter in a lot of different videos to make use of the random feature. Look at the way Viper’s Video Quick Tags does it.

    Also, allow custom player controls for FLV’s, YouTube, Vimeo etc. Again, see the way Viper Video Quick Tags does this.

    Otherwise I think this plugin is fantastic!

  119. nikohk dit:

    Drew > Thanks for the comments.

    In fact, since 1 or 2 weeks, i already work on it. Changing the actual widget plugin to a real video plugin (with settings page, ajax ergonomy, online help… ). You will be able to create a (group of) video and then add it to the sidebar (widget) or to a post/page (shortcode).

    Stay tuned. :)

  120. Mark dit:

    Support for schooltube.com?

  121. Myrna dit:

    A friend just installed your plug-in on my blog. I tried to change the video and am unable. I’m confused about the use of an « i.d. » instead of html code. I pasted the correct i.d. (youtube) but how do I indicate the specific video I want to feature? Where do I put that?

  122. nikohk dit:

    Mark > In next version for sure.

    Myrna > In your video widget block, put the youtube video id in ID field (not ID list field) and select youtube in the source select menu. Then change and save the widget cnfiguration.

  123. Jeff dit:

    Thanks for this. Is there a way to disable the related videos that fly in on mouseover?

    You can see this at:


  124. nikohk dit:

    Jeff> You are welcome. For the related videos, i will update a new version today or tomorrow.

  125. Chris dit:

    Image Prview for FLV would be great

  126. nikohk dit:

    Chris> Already done in fact :


  127. Dale Ryan dit:

    Works great BUT I would like to be able to change the value of option_name = « widget_video » using something other than the widget (this would allow me, for example, to schedule different videos for different future dates). However, ANY change to the value of widget_video (even using phpmyadmin) results in the following errors:

    Warning: array_keys() [function.array-keys]: The first argument should be an array in /**fullpath**/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/video-widget/video.php on line 369

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in **fullpath**/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/video-widget/video.php on line 369

    This occurs even if the change to widget_video is only to the « text before » value.

    Any suggestions for how to work around this?


    If the content of the field widget_video in the options table can be changed dynamically from a third-party php, I’ll be a very happy user of your plugin.

    Dale Ryan

  128. Dale Ryan dit:

    Figured this out. option_name = “widget_video” is an array containing elements like:

    s:5: »title »;

    The 5 is the number of characters. So if you change « title » to « titles » you have to change 5 to 6

  129. saint nicolas dit:

    voilà, c’est juste unpetit mot pour te dire que jadore l’esprit de ton blog ;)

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  133. Stuart dit:

    Is there a way to make Youtube videos open up in « High Quality » mode when clicked on. In other words..when a user clicks on the small embedded window it opens youtube in High Quality rather than the current low quality window?

  134. abonne31 dit:

    Je salivais à l’idée des nombreuses vidéos que j’allais pouvoir placer dans mon sidebar…
    J’utilise Arthemia premium et je ne vois le lecteur que pendant 1/2 seconde, après c’est un emplacement blanc !?

    Une idée, merci

  135. Bruno dit:

    Très bien le petit widget/gadget video. Quelle serait le code à rajouter (dans video.php) si on voulait que le widget ne s’affiche que sur une certaine page (telle que index.php par exemple)?

  136. Darathor dit:

    @Bruno : une solution plus pérenne est de faire plusieurs « sidebars » différentes dont l’une n’est affichée que sur certaines pages, comme je l’ai décrit ici. Ça a l’avantage de ne pas toucher qu’au thème et pas au plugin, ce qui facilite grandement les choses pour les mises à jour ;)

  137. nikohk dit:

    Désolé pour le manque de réactivité.

    Dale Ryan > ok i will take a look of that.
    saint nicolas > merci patron des écoliers. :)
    Stuart > For now i’m not sure. I will test the possibilities.
    abonne31 > J’ai pas tout compris. Arthemia premium?
    Bruno > Je vais ajouter 2 champs (pages à inclure, pages à exclure). A la manière du bloc pour le menu principal.
    Darathor > Mais dites donc??? :)

  138. Retour à la normale | nikohk dit:

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  139. Hugh dit:

    I am having trouble getting .flv files to play in the Video Widget. It widget appears to find the .flv file, but when I select the play button I get a « video not found » error message displaying the correct path to the .flv file. I read several all the earlier posts but still do not understand the fix.
    Can I get some specific instructions on what to


  140. Stuart dit:

    Just an FYI as a possible future enhancement.
    I couldn’t figure out (as I think it is not possible) how to have the youtube embeded video link to the HD or HQ version when double-clicked and redirected to YouTube site.
    So I altered the code on the widget, so that the TEXTAFTER field is a hyperlink to the URL of the Youtube HD version.

    Hope that made sense.

  141. Dr. Strangelove dit:

    Does not word in IE 7 — any fix for this otherwise EXCELLENT (thank you) widget.

    Une bon idee, merci.

  142. Reinar Svendsen dit:

    This video widget is awesome. It works like a charm in IE7 and others plus in WP27+.

    Top job!

  143. michael dit:

    This is a great plugin. Using it in a site that I’m building now. Am having one problem I’d be happy to figure out though. I’m trying to use wp-cache or wp-super-cache and maintain the dynamic function that allows me to display random videos in my sidebar. From what I gather it looks like I may have to call the widget with javascript. Trying to figure out how to pull that off now. Will write back if I do.

    Any ideas as to how to keep the dynamic functionality with a caching plugin working would be appreciated. I could use some help. Thanks.

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  145. nikohk dit:

    Hi everybody. Sorry for the wait (new work, new girlfriend, new life).
    I will take a (big) time to push all your request in the next days.

  146. nat dit:

    Love IT!!

  147. Poe dit:


    I have a very good idea for you to do!

    You should make the option for the video widget to automatically play the last video you uploaded with wordpress’s media uploader.

    This would be awesome! In this way, the latest video could always be displayed!

    Also, it would be nice to be able to select a certain video from the wordpress media library as well!

    Can you do this? Let me know what you think! :D


  148. shib dit:

    I have a blog just for members where i want to use your plugin. I want to set the video « shared » option in flickr to friends and family and then get a guest pass code to allow viewing the video. When I put that in your widget it says the video cannot be displayed.
    Can you add the ability to see these videos_?

  149. krispy dit:

    hi there. awesome work. is there a way to make the video start automatically?

  150. Greg dit:

    Great idea
    How did you make TEXTAFTER a hyperlink?
    I would like to do the same

  151. Stuart dit:

    Hi Greg:
    I’m not a coder…so it was just an ugly hack.

    file: video.php
    After the line:
    $textafter = ($options[$number]['textafter'] != «  ») ?  » . $options[$number]['textafter'] .  » : «  »;

    $URL = $options[$number]['textafter'];

    After the line:
    echo $content;

    That’s it for editing (I think)
    Then in your Widget, just put your videos youtube HD URL in the Text After field. Example:

    It’s just the regular youtube URL, with &fmt=22 for HD, or &fmt=18 for HighQuality at the end.

  152. Video Widget Plugin | WordPress Plugins Database - WordPressPluginsDatabase.com dit:

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  153. Malik dit:

    What about the local video’s that are hosted on my own server, how can I sue them with this mode?

  154. john dit:

    hey is there a template tag i can use on my sidebar.php, thanks

  155. justin dit:

    great plugin. It’s breaking in IE??? any advice?


  156. Stone dit:

    How to add manually code into site? can anyone show me the code?

  157. ron dit:

    I would like to embed youtube videos into a page, not in the sidebar.

    Can this plugin do this and what would be the code required to do so.


  158. Max1973 dit:

    Hi Nikohhk

    I’m using WP 2.7.1. Multiple videos doesn’t work;

    only show abc

    Thanks for you support

  159. Bonnie dit:

    Thank you so much for this plugin!

    I had a problem getting it to validate with a YouTube video, however–it kept showing 5 errors/5 warnings.

    The solution is to replace the ampersand in line 61 with the character entity & and now it validates just fine.

    Again, thank you for all your hard work!

  160. Bob dit:

    I’d like to autostart a .flv file. Can that be done?

  161. Bob dit:

    I’d also love to be able to set a poster image to appear when the video loads. Any chance of that?

    I’ve tried this and autostart by setting Flash variables, etc. but it doesn’t seem to work.

    But a million thanks for a great plugin!

  162. Jean-Bruno dit:

    Many thanks for this video widget, it works fine

  163. gaetan dit:

    Hi! Nice plugin: simple and efficiant.

    Quick question: is it possible to set up the plugin to make it catch a RSS feed ? IE a youtube or dailymotion user videos?


  164. leetstreams admin dit:

    contact: webmaster@leetstreams.com or webmaster@dailywarhammer.com

    Hi there. Amazing plugin and code work.

    I am the admin for leetstreams.com and I am working on implementing wordpress into my video script platform.

    The site is for Massively Multiplayer gamers who want to watch and share HD movies/videos

    Below is my embed code, how might I add this to the random video sort: Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Please don’t feel obligated if you are uncertain, this is a luxery not a necessity. THANKS!!

    width=’315′ height=’265′>

  165. BdF dit:

    Just to let you know that your plugin functions fine with the Widget-Logic plugin, which allows a widget to be displayed only if certain conditions are met. On my site, Video-Widget is displayed (in the sidebar) on the front page only, using the « is_home » condition.

  166. ChroniqueMusicale dit:

    Bonjour et bravo pour ton widget.

    Juste une question, comment peut-on faire afficher plusieurs vidéos, voire toute la liste qu’on a indiquée?

    Merci pour ta réponse.

  167. Mike dit:

    Hi, it is possible to add this plugin on the Page not in the sidebar????? With a php code ???

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